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Schweikert Grooming (Rake/Double Row)

RM 46.75
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  • Grooming rake with one row of 20 metal pins. 
  • Smoothly and efficiently removes dead hair and loose undercoat.

Double Row:

  • The undercoat rake is ideal to swiftly and efficiently remove removing loose or dead hairs from the undercoat.
  • By using the undercoat rake, you'll also prevent hairs from getting tangled. 
  • Use the rake before bathing or showering your dog to remain the overcoat intact.
  • Clean the undercoat rake regularly using water and an antiseptic solution such as Dettol or Barbicide, in order to prevent bacterial growth; then let it dry.


  • Please store all the products in cool and dry place so that the quality of our products is guaranteed over the entire shelf-life period.
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